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Probing a super-giant shell of gas and stars. Image Formats Fullsize Original 2. The full credit line to use can be found in each image caption. Large JPEG Screensize JPEG Zoomable Zoomable. Normally halo stars travel towards the galactic center, only to return outwards again.

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What could cause this double handful of stars to move differently? As intriguing as these stars are, this strange shell was discovered somewhat by accident. Deason and her team winnowed out the outer halo stars from a seven year study of archival images taken by the Hubble telescope of the Andromeda galaxy. While these halo stars were bad for that particular study, they were very good for Deason and the team.

Star Map Shell

So how did the astronomers separate the shell stars from those that belonged to the outer fringes of the Andromeda? The initial observations picked the stars out based on their color, brightness and sideways motion. Thanks to parallax, our halo stars seem to move far faster simply because they are closer. Through the work of team member Tony Sohn of STSci, these revolutionary stars were identified and measured. Their tangential motion was observed and recorded with five percent precision.

Milky Way Leftover Shell Stars Discovered In Galactic Halo - Universe Today

Not a speedy process when you consider these shell stars only move across the sky at a rate of about one milliarcsecond per year! What makes the team so confident in their findings? When a comparison was made between the sideways motion of the outer halo stars with the inner motions, the researchers found equality. According to computer simulations of galaxy formation, outer stars should continue to have radial motion as they move outward into the halo, but these new findings prove opposite. Brown, J.

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