Deep Preaching: Creating Sermons that Go Beyond the Superficial

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In fact, it is hard to conceive of anything more insolent that could be done by a man who is called by God to preach. It removes the lordship of Christ from His church. Who is the Head of the church? Is Christ really the dominant teaching authority in the church? If so, then why are there so many churches where His Word is not being faithfully proclaimed? When we look at contemporary ministry, we see programs and methods that are the fruit of human invention, the offspring of opinion polls and neighborhood surveys, and other pragmatic artifices.

Our Puritan forefathers resisted the imposition of government-imposed liturgies for precisely this reason: They saw it as a direct attack on the headship of Christ over His own church. Modern preachers who neglect the Word of God have yielded the ground those men fought and sometimes died for. When Jesus Christ is exalted among His people, His power is manifest in the church. When the church is commandeered by compromisers who want to appease the culture, the gospel is minimized, true power is lost, artificial energy must be manufactured, and superficiality takes the place of truth.

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It hinders the work of the Holy Spirit. What is the instrument the Spirit uses to do His work? The Word of God. He uses the Word as the instrument of regeneration 1 Peter ; James He also uses it as the means of sanctification John In fact, it is the only tool He uses Ephesians It demonstrates appalling pride and a lack of submission.

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In the modern approach to "ministry," the Word of God is deliberately downplayed, the reproach of Christ is quietly repudiated, the offense of the gospel is carefully eliminated, and "worship" is purposely tailored to fit the preferences of unbelievers. That is nothing but a refusal to submit to the biblical mandate for the church. The effrontery of ministers who pursue such a course is, to me, frightening. It severs the preacher personally from the regular sanctifying grace of Scripture. Week by week the duty of careful exposition keeps my own heart focused and fixed on the Scriptures, and the Word of God nourishes me while I prepare to feed my flock.

So I am personally blessed and spiritually strengthened through the enterprise. If for no other reason, I would never abandon biblical preaching. The enemy of our souls is after preachers in particular, and the sanctifying grace of the Word of God is critical to our protection. It clouds the true depth and transcendence of our message and therefore cripples both corporate and personal worship.

It is often that simplistic, if not utterly inane. There is nothing deep about it. Such an approach makes it impossible for true worship to take place, because worship is a transcendent experience. Worship should take us above the mundane and simplistic. So the only way true worship can occur is if we first come to grips with the depth of spiritual truth. Our people can only rise high in worship in the same proportion to which we have taken them deep into the profound truths of the Word.

But preaching today is neither profound nor transcendent. It merely aims to entertain.

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By the way, true worship is not something that can be stimulated artificially. But that is not genuine worship. You can actually worship without music if you have seen the glories and the depth of what the Bible teaches. It prevents the preacher from fully developing the mind of Christ. Pastors are supposed to be under-shepherds of Christ.

Too many modern preachers are so bent on understanding the culture that they develop the mind of the culture and not the mind of Christ. They start to think like the world, and not like the Savior. Frankly, the nuances of worldly culture are virtually irrelevant to me. I want to know the mind of Christ and bring that to bear on the culture, no matter what culture I may be ministering to. The only way to know and proclaim the mind of Christ is by being faithful to study and preach His Word. What happens to preachers who obsess about cultural "relevancy" is that they become worldly, not godly.

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    Take a look at the value God Places on children. Join us as wel learn better ways to empower their voices, as well as how not to silence them. Most often it is not what you say, but the attitude you exude that gives your message power. A spirit of joyfulness, confidence, and earnestness, makes you and your faith infectious. We live in a world that programs people to think and live shallow.

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    In sharing Christ, our first challenge is to help people look beyond superficial concerns into deeper concerns of life. Our challenge is to present the Good News of the Kingdom to a world whose language reverses the meaning of Good. Yet we can effectively "translate" the Good News, since we are familiar with the language of the world and have been taught the language of the Kingdom.

    God has a vision for you. But He also sees your face in a vision He has for someone else. Nothing external adverse circumstances or people can keep you from living a risen, resurrected, victorious life. It is the internal weights that keep us from rising. Following Jesus means learning to discern when Jesus is opening doors for me to be influential in a person's life and being ready to follow him in the door. It also means remembering that Jesus is ultimately leading you and the person you're influencing to eternal life.

    Main Idea: Staying "in the boat" next to Jesus and other Christians is not enough to repel unclean spirits. Jesus' treatment plan for a freshly delivered demoniac was simple: stay engaged in service to others who need the Lord just as you do. Experience next-level spiritual growth and power as God's people join together in Christian fellowship.

    When we pray as Jesus prayed, we gain the powerful combination of insight and foresight. This increases our potency as witnesses for Christ. As believers, we tend to immerse ourselves in the church world. In order to lead nonbelievers to Jesus, we must sacrifice the comfort of our church world and increase our interaction in the secular world.

    Many Christians are surviving spiritually but lack the properties of a robust spiritual life. Active witnessing boosts the qualities necessary for spiritual vibrancy. The 10th Commandment does not simply say, "You shall not covet. Covet something Big! Covet God and His vision for your life. Entering the Promised Land is not just an ancient story, it is a present experience. Through Yahweh's promises we can enter the Promised Land today.

    We tend to adapt to living that is inferior to the richly rewarding life that God has in mind for us. Real purposeful change will involve the pain of leaving behind things that we've become comfortable with. But if we push through the pain, there are greater, long-lasting rewards awaiting. As we spotlight prison ministries, revisit the final appeal of the apostle Paul, as he sits alone imprisoned in a dungeon cell, awaiting his ultimate execution.

    Learn the 3 simple keys to free captives behind physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual prisons. And hear the urgency of the Spirit's call to Come Before Winter! Some circumstances in our lives that we deem unchangeable can actually change, but they will remain the same as long as WE do not change.

    In Joshua 6 God invites us to look in the mirror and change what is inside so that our habits and, in many cases, our circumstances will change for the better. Adhering to three P's will help you maximize the use of your time: Be Purposeful; Prioritize in your schedule things that relate to your purpose; and be Proactive in executing a daily plan toward your purpose. Influence is not derived from your status in life, but from how you live your life, especially in times of adversity. Jeremiah 32 is almost entirely devoted to a simple real estate transaction.

    But that transaction speaks volumes about how prophetic people share God's message. In Judges 4 we find a nation in crisis.

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    Healing comes as just judgement occurs; as individuals act to address critical issues, and as people come together before God in prayer. Justice can differ from one's perspective but there's one Justice that will Never fail! Trusting completely in God empowers us to live justly. In Exodus, Jethro teaches us how to render maximally effective service without burning out and straining our relationship with God. Truly influential people in the world are those who value God and His calling on their lives that they are too pricy for the enemy to buy. Following God means becoming a leader, no exceptions.

    We learn to lead best when we follow God in service. The walls of justice, peace, and Godliness lie in ruins in our society. Nehemiah challenges the people of God today to rise up and build the walls. In this 2 week series, we're focused on how our total commitment to God maximizes our giving and gaining financially". Maximizing the power of kindness is not just about performing kind acts.

    Like Abraham's armed servants in Genesis 1, we have been assembled in this world to go and take some things from the enemy that doesn't belong to him. We maximize the power of our will when we sync it with God's will. In so doing, we develop an attitude of persistence that renders us unstoppable. Our greatest lack is not the power of God.

    Preaching Against Racism Is Not a Distraction from the Gospel | CT Pastors | Christianity Today

    As disciples of Christ, our first need is to feel what He feels and to see what He sees. Then we can do what He does. A constant struggle for church members is striking a balance between our personal occupations and God's mission. Luke 5 offers a solution: Merge the two.