Peirces Philosophical Perspectives (American Philosophy Series , No 3)

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Charles Sanders Peirce is one of the most original voices in American philosophy. His scientific career and his goal of proving scientific logic provide rich material for philosophical development. Peirce was also a life-long Christian and member of the Episcopal Church. Lexington Books. Series: American Philosophy Series.

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Roger Ward is professor of philosophy at Georgetown College. Introduction I. Conversion to Logic III. Conversion to Community IV. Knowledge and Transformation VI. Science and the Persistent Reality of God Bibliography. Peirce — is widely known among philosophers as an important, if idiosyncratic, logician. In this book Ward Georgetown College argues that Peirce is a religious philosopher and that his life's work was guided by his theological views.

Ward proceeds both systematically through Peirce's work and biographically through the philosopher's life. In , John Dewey was elected president of the American Psychological Association, and in he became president of the American Philosophical Association. Dewey taught at Columbia University from until he retired in , and occasionally taught as professor emeritus until During his years at Columbia he traveled the world as a philosopher, social and political theorist, and educational consultant.

Among his major journeys are his lectures in Japan and China from to , his visit to Turkey in to recommend educational policy, and a tour of schools in the USSR in Of course, Dewey never ignored American social issues. He was outspoken on education, domestic and international politics, and numerous social movements. Among the many concerns that attracted Dewey's support were women's suffrage, progressive education , educator's rights, the Humanistic movement, and world peace.

Dewey died in New York City on 1 June His Lasting Influence.

Charles Sanders Peirce bibliography

Dewey made seminal contributions to nearly every field and topic in philosophy and psychology. Besides his role as a primary originator of both functionalist and behaviorist psychology, Dewey was a major inspiration for several allied movements that have shaped 20th century thought, including empiricism, humanism, naturalism, contextualism, and process philosophy. His pragmatic approaches to ethics, aesthetics, and religion have also remained influential. My person returns to unwind all its threads, Woven by language into the habits of heads; An old wearied head must bow down one final eve, But my lively thought shines in cloth I helped to weave.

Your gift by my leave is but some seeds yet to grow, Whose value was found in times of need long ago; Sow all of these seeds in our vast garden with care, Protect and defend the greater harvest to share. To view such swift change, see truths melt under new suns, To watch how scared souls kept on refining their guns; My nation was home despite such strife with no cease, My freedom was here while humbly searching for peace.

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Topics Mentioning This Author

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Topics Mentioning This Author

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Peirce and Religion

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Introduction to American Pragmatism

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