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Sections cover conducting business, tax system, labour, audit, trade, finance, infrastructure. Published in Doing Business in the Czech Republic Guide prepared by Moore Stephens member firms on doing business with or in this country. It also provides useful information for those living and working in the Czech Republic either temporarily or permanently.

Published in July Doing Business in the Czech Republic Guide prepared by a local firm within the UHY network which provides an overview of the relevant issues to consider when establishing a business in this country. Current at September Czech Republic: Guide to Doing Business Guide published by legal firm Lex Mundi in , providing an overview of the legal and business environment in the Czech Republic.

Doing Business in the Czech Republic Website produced by the Press and Trade Promotion Agency, featuring sections on the business climate, structure and development of the economy, trade and finance. On our Exporting to the Czech Republic page you can find export guides, trade forecasts and economic and political updates. European Corporate Governance Institute The European Corporate Governance Institute ECGI aims to provide 'a forum for debate and dialogue between academics, legislators and practitioners, focusing on major corporate governance issues and thereby promoting best practice'.

European Commission: Corporate governance Overview of current regulations and updates covering directors and board members, shareholders, employee share ownership, remuneration policies, transparency, and financial institutions.

The page links to EU Directives, recommendations and proposals. Doing Business in Portugal English Portuguese. Who We Are News. This page in: EN dropdown. Email Print. Tweet Share Share LinkedIn. Stumble Upon. And, regulatory reforms to improve the ease of doing business over the years have led to inconsistencies in how regulation is implemented at the local level.

Prague ranks first in two areas Getting Electricity and Enforcing Contracts , while Brno ranks first in Dealing with Construction Permits and Ostrava in Registering Property—demonstrating the potential for large cities to achieve regulatory efficiency and quality by capitalizing on economies of scale and investing in administrative modernization. The Schengen agreement has allowed visitors to travel to any country in the Schengen area, meaning that they can cross borders without further documentation. This is great for international businesses looking to find suppliers in other Eastern European EU countries, especially such connected markets as Czech and Germany, Poland, and Slovakia.

Cell phone frequencies in Europe are different than in the US. While you can bring your phone and insert a European SIM, the frequency that your cellphone is set to may make your calls drop. These can be found at major airports, and at any near convenience store. In fact, the Czech Republic is often ranked in the top 10 for fastest internet speeds in the world. So, often public wifi is better than your internet at home. Some cities are even introducing programs to expand public wifi to increase tourism.

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  8. Smart Prague is one such project, which is an initiative to introduce fast, reliable public wifi to high-volume tourist areas like zoos and botanical gardens. Exhibiting or attending trade shows are often considered the best way to find suppliers and network internationally. But, cultural differences and language barriers can make these meetings intimidating. Here are a few trade show tips for Czechia. - Czech Business Web Portal

    Though accommodating and forgiving, lucrative business relationships in the Czech Republic start with your own accommodation of their culture. The languages are similar, history is similar, and short geographical distances can easily fool the unknowing traveler. Czech business culture is hierarchy and ranking based. Decisions are made by executives, and lower-level employees rarely question them. Suppliers in Czechia are mutually respectful, but can be standoffish when it comes to ranks, intellect, status, and expertise. In fact, if you happen to be of lower rank or status in your company, the Czech supplier can be quite unresponsive.

    However, if you can prove yourself with individual skill, knowledge, and expertise, this always overrides status and rank.

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    One of the best reasons to find suppliers in Czechia is for networking. If not, making these connections early on will ensure long, lucrative relationships, and tons of opportunity. This is why knowing the culture is so utterly important. With all of this formality, Czechs can be misunderstood as very formal and stuck-up.

    While that may be true for some, the younger generation of Czechian suppliers are opening up to new ideas and practices. Generally, the formalities are beginning to taper off. The business generation is getting younger, and the relaxed protocol reflects that. So, though the culture is becoming laxer, read the room. But, there are some particulars that will improve the relationship, and help land a deal with your potential supplier. For example, regular eye contact is crucial.

    Though your Czech supplier may not maintain it consistently, you need to be aware of how often you avert your eyes. Your supplier will want to get to know you, but generally only for the purpose of legitimizing you as a business partner.

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    Make sure not to get too personal. Finances, your personal life, and related topics should be left alone. Czech suppliers have an indirect communication style. Czech suppliers respect intellect, expertise, and knowledge. So, be prepared.

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    Do your research, bring physical tangible proof of your results. Visual aids are good too. Charts, graphs, whitepapers, anything that can be considered concrete evidence that your company is a good fit for the supplier. The top-down, hierarchical business structure of the Czech Republic can really bog-down a negotiation. In fact, first meetings may not even be with executives.

    Middle managers generally run these, so you may not want to open with big offers. Rushing negotiations can break a deal, and can even be impossible to bypass.

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    As your relationship develops, these waiting periods will taper off.