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  1. Demon Spawn by Christopher Dewdney, illustrated by Jesse Huisken
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Demon Spawn by Christopher Dewdney, illustrated by Jesse Huisken

Abilites, and how to use them. What to do and When. First of all, ive seen a lot of people saying "hey, but that character is just crap, i used it until lv30 and its useless" well then, if youre one of those, please keep reading. The Demonspawn is a class only possible to acquire if youve got all dlcs, so if you wanna make it worth, heres these weird steps to increase your chances of enjoying the class.

Level before we start, this one is about magic Level reset Mana Pool: as soon as you unlock this, reset the character and level this up to heavens. Level reset Demonic Prescence [passive]: remember what i told you about not leveling Blood Surge? Mana Devour: theres no real reason to level this up more than 1 point, it just gives you a really low percentage of getting free mana when you deal damage, still that gain is very low so Blood Demons: these little buddies can save your life in very specific situations like a monster bashing into you and getting caught in them while being low on Health or something like that, so get 1 point on these and leave them to stay around you for extra damage remember the synergy with blood surge.

Movement Speed: you must dodge, or you must die, theres no way you can go tanky with this one unless youre ultra high level.

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Scardan 13 Apr, am. There is absolutely no point of leveling mana pool, only if you want to loose some skill points. You can have high mana leech from a weapon, it gains you mana faster then a mana pool ability and such weapons are dropped every time. Better to lvl up Manacalypse because it will have much higher damage which means, that it will suit their role better. Posts: Joined: Sun Aug 05, pm.

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Wed Feb 05, pm by Lasty Re: Don't know how to play DemonSpawn At the very beginning of the game, picking up any weapon, even a dagger, is good enough, but unbranded daggers are awful weapons, and you should do your best to upgrade ASAP. Short swords, spears, and whips represent a modest step up all have the same damage and delay , and anything with a decent brand or enchantment can be good. In terms of vanilla weapons, I'd try to find weapons in approximately this order on an unskilled character: demon anything, dire flail, quarterstaff, scimitar, morningstar, halberd, flail, trident, sabre.

Overall, demonspawn are about making the best of what you're given, so if you want to succeed with one, keep an open mind to changing the direction of your character. Any book backgrounds will work well with demonspawn, so pick one you like. If you aren't sure, I recommend IE, which comes with a diverse toolkit. Edit: also slings with sling bullets are quite effective early, even without training.

I try to get them on any character. Wed Feb 05, pm by and into Re: Don't know how to play DemonSpawn Demonspawn are very versatile, but if you are having trouble knowing quite what to do, but want to try a book background, I'd recommend demonspawn conjuror. They are straightforward, as far as magic using dudes go, but also strong well, stronger than fire elementalist, at any rate, which is the other background that comes closest to being a "blaster" start.

Demon Spawn - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)

Lasty's weapon advice is good, though starting out you'll want to train up conjurations. My advice for early game skill training on a Ds conjuror would be something like 1. Turn off all skill training except conjurations. Memorize searing ray at level 2. Continue training conjurations until it reaches level 5.

Spell casting until it reaches level 2. Train dodging to Then switch back to dodging until you have EV in the very high teens. Get some melee skill based on the best weapon now available, by this point something good has probably dropped. Alternately you can go a dazzle-stabber route with dagger if you prefer.

If you are good at predicting how enemies move and lining yourself up with their approach, Searing Ray is excellent for some otherwise dangerous early game creatures. Dazzling Spray is like mephitic cloud except actually good.

Demonspawn events

Really good, it is OP honestly. Dazzling spray will be your best counter to tough melee guys as well as orc wizards, and also orc priests and centaurs that you run into on bad open terrain; getting it online fast is important. Searing ray is good for single stuff that you can afford to allow into mid-range; also good in corridors.

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With those up and running, you can afford to wait a while on battle sphere—which is a good spell, but easy to overrate, and with the other spells online you can and IMO should get some defenses up before worrying about charms. Always rest up to full MP before exploring, and be careful with your magic pool especially early on —coming off of playing berserkers, you probably aren't in the habit of paying attention to that bar that hangs out under your health. Take on dudes one at a time; get their attention with magic dart and let them come to you while you retreat a little bit before you blast with spells.

Later on you needn't be so paranoid all the time, but in the early game you do with a background like this. Posts: Joined: Fri Feb 08, pm. Try it with custom difficulty. Posts: Joined: Tue Apr 10, pm. It gives you a good taste of ranged spell casting yet complements melee very nicely too.

Skill investment to be effective is generally smaller than other spell schools. DsNe is a very strong and versatile character. For a god choose mahkleb if you're leaning towards beating stuff up, or kiku if you want to explore casting more in depth. Thu Feb 06, am by spindart Re: Don't know how to play DemonSpawn Thanks a lot for the advice so far everyone. I decided to worship vehumet, and found a book of flame on my conjurer early on. The mutation I got which I thought I'd hate most was "Spiny," but it is now one of my favourite mutations; it carried my entire early game.

Iridescent scales give the same as yellow except more AC?

Thanks for people telling me about spell school versatility, really helped a lot. Posts: Joined: Tue Jan 10, pm. Thu Feb 06, am by crate Re: Don't know how to play DemonSpawn Yellow scales give rCorr when you get a high enough level of the mutation, so they're not strictly worse than iridescent scales. Iridescent scales is, of course, probably the best scales mutation regardless.

Posts: Joined: Tue Feb 19, pm. Focus on Conjurations also leads to a useful killing tool that lends well in the early game.