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  2. Juniper Mistletoe (Phoradendron juniperinum) ·
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Over 60 species of trees are hosts to P. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved January 14, North Carolina State University. Retrieved November 30, Jepson Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. Carolina Nature. Plants For A Future. Purdue University. Oklahoma Historical Society.

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State flowers of the United States. Taxon identifiers. Philadelphia, ser.

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Brown, Ill. TYPE: Non designatus. Baratostachys Korthals, Verh. Kunsten Castrea Castrea A. Saint-Hilaire, Lecons. Gray, Mem. Arts, ser. Search Help. Definition: Vouchered Specimen. Phoradendron falcifer Kuijt. Phoradendron falcifrons Hook.


Phoradendron falconense Rizzini. Phoradendron fasciculatum Kuijt. Phoradendron filispicum Rizzini. Phoradendron forestierae B. Phoradendron galeottii Trel. Phoradendron grisebachianum Eichler. Phoradendron habrostachyum Eichler.

Juniper Mistletoe (Phoradendron juniperinum) ·

Phoradendron harleyi Kuijt. Phoradendron herbert-smithii Trel. Phoradendron hexastichum DC. Phoradendron heydeanum Trel. Phoradendron holoxanthum Eichler. Phoradendron inaequidentatum Rusby. Phoradendron interruptum Eichler. Phoradendron juniperinum A. Phoradendron karuaianum Steyerm.

Kissing!!~under the mistletoe~

Phoradendron kelloggiae Kuijt. Phoradendron krukovii Kuijt. Phoradendron lanatum Trel. Phoradendron lanceolatum Engelm. Phoradendron laxiflorum Ule. Phoradendron leucocarpum Patschovsky. Phoradendron liga Gillies ex Hook. Phoradendron lindemanii Kuijt. Phoradendron linearifolium Eichler. Phoradendron linifolium C. Presl Eichler. Phoradendron longiarticulatum Rizzini. Phoradendron longifolium Eichler ex Trel. Phoradendron longipetiolatum Urb. Phoradendron luisense Rizzini.

Phoradendron macrocarpum Kuijt. Phoradendron madisonii Kuijt. Phoradendron mairaryense Ule. Phoradendron mathewsii Trel. Phoradendron microphyllum Pohl ex DC.

Vascular Plants of the Gila Wilderness

Phoradendron microps Rizzini. Phoradendron minutifolium Urb. Phoradendron mucronatum DC. Phoradendron naviculare Kuijt. Phoradendron nervosum Oliv.

Phoradendron nigricans Rizzini. Phoradendron nitens Kuijt. Phoradendron nitidum Gardner Eichler. Phoradendron northropiae Urb.

Plant Database

Phoradendron obtusissimum Miq. Phoradendron oliveirae Kuijt. Phoradendron ovalifolium Urb. Phoradendron pachyneuron Kuijt. Phoradendron pachyphyllum Trel. Phoradendron palmeri Greenm.