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If you are looking to maximise the potential of your business, please explore my business and executive coaching services further. Helps with: Mentoring, digital familiarity, digital therapeutic holding, feedback, communication, disinhibition effect, written communication, audio and video tools. The continued progression of technology has allowed for traditional therapeutic practice to move to the digital space, with client lives accessible in a dynamic and modern way.

Across email, audio, and video connectivity, the ability to connect with and heal clients wherever they are has never been more available. Over the past three years, I have been training online therapists with my online therapy training solutions. This has expanded to become Australian Online Therapy Training.

If you are looking to succeed in the online therapy world, please explore my online therapist training services further. Helps with: Closing skill gaps, engaged employees, industry changes, technological development, job satisfaction. As an experienced coach, psychotherapist and mentor I can assist you to take your business to the next level. If you are looking to achieve or retain your competitive edge, please explore my corporate training services further.

As your life coach I provide practical tools and support for you to broaden your perspective and open your mind. By helping you overcome these mental stumbling blocks, I can enable you to reach your goals. As a life coaches I help clients to discover their self-worth and to foster their self-belief.

This empowers you to actively pursue and reach your goals. This is achieved by helping you define, pursue and achieve your goals. I will do this by working with you to create a daily routine. This routine is designed to ensure you make the most of every day.

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How to Become a Life Coach

I will help you manage your time effectively, so you have plenty of time to work, exercise, be with your family, achieve your other goals, and most importantly, find space in your day with no interruption. During this time, you can refocus, meditate, exercise, or just relax — making you a much more effective worker, parent, partner and friend.

I understand that life is filled with circumstances and responsibilities that you cannot control. Do you feel as though your life lacks purpose? Do you feel you have no direction for your life? Life coaching is essentially a mentoring relationship, designed to ensure you discover your full potential and reach all of your goals, even those you may have given up on. Through this supportive relationship, you will identify and take practical steps to achieve your goals.

By partnering with me, you will learn how to design and implement practical strategies to get where you want to be in the most effective, efficient and rewarding way possible. Not only that, but as your life coach I am also a dedicated support system and accountability partner. This means, I will support you and motivate you to achieve your goals, empowering you every step of the way.

Many people who suffer from depression are stuck in a pattern of self-limiting behaviours. These negative behaviours prevent a fully enjoyable life and stand in the path of achieving goals. If you suffer from depression, a life coach could possibly equip you with the tools and strategies to overcome these self-sabotaging behaviours. With my combination of therapeutic and coaching skills, she can assist you with life coaching, no matter what your life issue may be. I can also help you rediscover your zest for life, show you how to improve your personal relationships, rekindle your drive to achieve your goals, and get you excited about every day.

Some people who seek life coaching, may also need approval from their health professional if there is a pre-existing mental illness. This is because you may be so worried about not doing the right things, that you stop yourself from even thinking of reaching your goals. A life coach can help you discover why you feel anxious about moving forward in your life, and give you advice on taking small steps to work towards your ambitions.

I can show you how your life and general outlook will dramatically improve once your ambitions are realised. This will empower you to succeed during every step of your journey. People from all backgrounds and walks of life can reap immense benefits from partnering with a life coach. Life coaches are especially helpful for kids, teenagers and young people, people interested in self-improvement, athletes, mothers, couples, seniors and entrepreneurs.

With this in mind, I offer a holistic approach to life coaching, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

See a Problem?

I believe life coaching delivers the best results when you find a coach who understands you, your needs and the direction you want your life to take. As a qualified and experienced life coach, I will deliver tailored advice and strategies specific to your wants, needs and situation. That said, typical sessions last between minutes.

As for frequency, meeting weekly is most beneficial. Whatever your situation, there is a style of life coaching to suit you. Some of the different types of coaching include:. I want a free 15 minute consultation. Life Coaching Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? Get a free 15 minute consultation.

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Love it My goal is to help you turn your life around. Sound like a lofty ambition? This is done by empowering you to make, meet and exceed your personal and professional goals. As your life coach, I am as invested in your success as you are. As you strive toward your goals, I will guide and advise you every step of the way. Are you ready to be successful in your endeavours? Now is the perfect time to get started. Speak to a Life Coach. Does life coaching work?

These are clear signs that a life coach can serve an important role in improving your life.

Life Coaching For Dummies - Jeni Purdie; | Foyles Bookstore

However, the ultimate success of the partnership depends on your commitment. Looking for more personal and professional growth? Counselling Helps with: Anxiety, bereavement, grief, loss, bullying, mental health, relationships, trauma, stress. Discover More. Psychotherapy Helps with: Mental health, wellness goals, fear and insecurities, stress, relationships, destructive habits, childhood trauma, grief, loss, anxiety and depression.

Business Consulting Helps with: Changing workloads, business growth, training, upskilling, performance management, financial planning. Business and Executive Coaching Helps with: Productivity, motivation, leadership skills, performance, staff morale, communication, marketing, goal setting. Online Therapist Training Helps with: Mentoring, digital familiarity, digital therapeutic holding, feedback, communication, disinhibition effect, written communication, audio and video tools. Are you looking to take your real world therapeutic skills to the online environment?

Corporate Training Helps with: Closing skill gaps, engaged employees, industry changes, technological development, job satisfaction. Life coaching is all about creating the life you really want. Your life is a balance of doing from everyday chores to running marathons , having material possessions as well as intangible things like love and security and being the core of you. Take stock of your current and ideal life by asking yourself the following questions. Cheat Sheet. Finding Your Inner Life Coach Good news — you have an inner coach, that inner voice who silences your inner critic, cheers you on to have a go and celebrates your progress.

Your inner coach supports you in the following ways: Encourages you to set challenging and inspiring goals for your life that are in tune with your values Believes you can do it!

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