The Gospel According to Dogs: What Our Four-Legged Saints Can Teach Us

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Oh Say Can You Fudge.

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Nancy Coco. A Look Inside Heaven.

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Michael Ewell. Covenant of Blood.

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Painful Prayer

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Jean Miller. David Minkoff. Karen Scalf Linamen. Roderick L. May this food be nutritious and delicious.

How to Teach your Dog to Walk on Leash

May it be wholesome and fulfilling. May it help you enjoy the blessings nature brings. May it satisfy your hunger, help you grow stronger, make your coat shinier, and ensure your good health. May this food be blessed in all ways. Please set the guiding light of Uriel before our pet to light his way. Please set Michael to the right to aid and protect him. Please set Gabriel to the left for clarity and to aid him in expressing his truth. And so it is. Adapt for other animals God grant me the patience and faith to train this animal.

May I be loving, yet firm. May I see, and rejoice in, small successes.

May I recognize and be open to new ways to approach my pet. May we together approach the training process from the highest place of wisdom and love.

The Gospel According to Dogs

He is deeply loved and cherished in our home. He is someplace where we cannot see him now. Please keep him safe and warm. Please make sure he has food and water. Please give him shelter and protection. Please reveal to us how we can find him. Or lead him back to us by the miracle of your nature. Our hearts, home, and arms remain open. Please guide us to him and guide him back to us. For this we pray. To all the fur-beings who are lost, Or homeless, Or living as strays, may they find a good meal to eat. May they have shelter to keep them warm. May they have comfort. May they be shown kindness by strangers.

And may they return home, or find good homes. May they rest in a place in which they can thrive. Filled with love, with warmth, with tender caring, with good food, with true companions for all of their days. Oh Great Spirit! I give you thanks for creating all of the peoples; Two legged, four legged, winged and finned. May I learn the great lessons from each of these